About Me

Aleksandar Petakov was born in 1993 during the last year of Apartheid in South Africa to parents that fled civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Interested in filmmaking from a young age Aleksandar filmed home movies for years before pursuing Film & Media in High School and College, as well as History and Political Science. His love of film, global events, history and even Cryptozoology have merged together to allow him to create unique short films, in particular documentaries. Aleksandar is a 2015 Quinnipiac University graduate with a BA in Communications.

Venturing into the Unknown

Traveling across the United States and the world, Aleksandar has looked into various Cryptozoological creatures such as Sasquatch, the Loch Ness Monster and the Lake Champlain monster, as well as other phenomenon and mysterious places ranging from the paranormal Bridgewater Triangle of Massachusetts to the hermit kingdom of North Korea. He has created short documentary films and series on these subjects, among others.

Aleksandar has spoken at over a dozen paranormal & cryptozoological events in New England and across the United States. To book for a speaking engagment or film screening please contact

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