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-September 23rd, 2023: Guest on the Talking Weird show:

-September 6th, 2023: Cryptid Exploration Discussion on Forbidden Knowledge News:

-September 5th, 2023: Research update about Alaska films & more on the Nonnaboss Continuum:

-September 3rd, 2023: Discussing Bigfoot, UFO's & more on the Paracast:

-August 16th, 2023: Talking about the Lake Champlain monster, mystery big cats & Sasquatch on the Almost Canon podcast:






Upcoming events & speaking engagements:

-Whitehall Sasquatch Festival & Calling Contest, Whitehall, New York, September 30th, 2023: I will be attending this awesome festival as a vendor in historic Whitehall, New York, the Bigfoot capital of the East Coast. Info:

-Greater New England UFO & Bigfoot Conference, Leominster, Massachusetts, November 19th, 2023: I will be speaking about Bigfoot at this fun event. Info:

-Monster Fest 2, Canton, Ohio, June 28th & 29th, 2024: Monster Fest, put on by Small Town Monsters, is back for a second round! I will be at this event all weekend alongside the rest of the STM crew. Come hang with us for a good time! Info:

granite state bigfoot comic book

A collaboration in 2018 with Mitchell Comics about my personal research into accounts of "Bigfoot" sightings in New Hampshire that took place in the 1970's. Featured as a character in the comic!

Order the comic here: Granite State Bigfoot




"Documentarian shares experiences investigating Sasquatch" (2020):

"Bigfoot Lives - At Least on Screen" (2020):

"Blizzard of Unbelievable Beasts takes over Dartmouth College this weekend" (2020):

"Thar be monsters: Filmmaker explores creatures of New England Lore" (2019):

"Believers talk UFO's, unexplained at Leominster Conference" (2019):

"Resident's Believe Mountain Lions Still Roam New Hampshire's Forests" (2018): 

"An Inside Look at the International Cryptozoology Conference" (2018):


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On the Trail of...Champ, Part I: Origins:

On the Trail of...Champ, Part II: Interviews:

On the Trail of...Champ, Part III: Filmmaking gear: