Recent radio shows & podcast appearances:


-April 22nd, 2019: Mysteries and Monsters Podcast: mysteriesandmonsters.podbean

-February 28th, 2019: The Talk Tank Podcast:

-February 12th, 2019: Fistful of Jokes Livestream:

-January 25th, 2019: The Paradigm Matrix:                              

-January 9th, 2019: The Spectral Wolfpack Show:

-November 11th, 2018: Hidden Path Podcast:


Upcoming events & speaking engagements:

-April 13th, 2019: Vendor at the sixth annual New England Para-Fest, Kittery, Maine.

-April 26th & 27th, 2019: Vendor at the fourth annual International Cryptozoology Conference, Portland, Maine.

-April 28th, 2019: Speaker at the X-Filers United Convention, Warwick, Rhode Island.

-May 4th, 2019: Attending the 2019 Ohio Bigfoot Conference, Salt Fork State Park, Ohio.

-October 4th & 5th, 2019: Speaker at the 2019 Greater New England UFO Conference, Leominster, Massachusetts.

granite state bigfoot comic book

Recent collaboration with Mitchell Comics about my personal research into accounts of "Bigfoot" sightings in New Hampshire that took place in the 1970's. Featured as a character in the comic!

Order the comic here: Granite State Bigfoot


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