Lions of the East: Update!!

This will serve as a final update to Lions of the East prior to the film's release!

With that said, the film will premiere on Saturday, March 14th at 6:30PM in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire at Portsmouth Public Media, located at 280 Marcy Street. More info can be found here: Lions of the East Premiere Facebook Event

At the premiere itself I'll be doing a Q & A following the film screening, so bring your questions! I'll be honored to be joined by the narrator John Horrigan, as well as Paul Eno and Anne Zukowski, who are both interviewed in the film it self.

You can pick up copies of the DVD at the premiere, as well as posters.

On the subject of the DVD's, I have a pre-order running that will go until March 14th. These will start getting shipped out prior to the premiere, it's a good way to ensure a DVD from the first shipment! More info here: Lions of the East DVD pre-order

You can also order one of the amazing posters created by the talented Matt Harris, right here: Lions of the East poster

DVD's will be out for general purchase on my website following the premiere in mid March. I'm also working on online releases for Amazon, Vimeo and similar streaming sites in the coming months, so stay tuned if online streaming is more your thing!

I'm also in the works on planning a few other screenings of the film for 2020 across New England. I'm looking at Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont screenings as well another possible New Hampshire screening. If you are interested in screening or know an institution that might be interested feel free to let me know!

I'll post about further screenings, releases, etc. on my social media platforms so be sure to  follow me on Facebook or Twitter!