MY UFO Sighting over DuBois, Pennsylvania (May 2019)

Just after midnight on May 24th, 2019, four colleagues and I witnessed what can only be described as an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) gliding through the night sky over a field in rural DuBois, Pennsylvania. It was truly the strangest thing I have seen to date and we were lucky to have captured video of the object via night vision goggles, as well as some of the audio of us conversing during the sighting. I’ll provide more details on this sighting shortly, but first a little background on the area we had our encounter, an area we’ve come to refer to as the “Pennsylvania Triangle.”

To make a long story short, the “Pennsylvania Triangle” is name given to an area of Western-Central Pennsylvania around the town of DuBois. The area has a history of anomalous activity such as UFO sightings, Bigfoot activity, black helicopters, and much more. My involvement with this area was the result of being asked to join on a sort of case study of a particular property in the area that was being conducted for several years by my dear friends and paranormal investigators Paul and Ben Eno and Shane Sirois. This top-notch group of researchers was invited onto the property a few years ago by a reader of theirs, familiar with their work on a similar case in Connecticut.

In recent years there has been general interest in areas of “high strangeness” across North America where seemingly different types of paranormal phenomenon are taking placing in some sort of congruence. Areas that have captivated researchers and the public alike are those such as Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and perhaps most notably the “Bridgewater Triangle” of Massachusetts. Pennsylvania itself has another very famous anomalous area known as the “Chestnut Ridge,” which is southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The area is a hotbed of Bigfoot activity, UFO sighting flaps and encounters such as the 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident, as well as other strange phenomena. Researchers like Stan Gordon and Eric Altman have studied this area and others like it in Pennsylvania for years.

In 2018 Paul invited me and another friend and colleague, Charles Creteau, to join their annual expedition to the DuBois area. In previous years Paul, Shane and occasionally Ben, would spend their time there searching the property, researching the local area, as well as hosting town hall style meetings where locals could share their anomalous experiences in the area. Both Paul and Shane claimed to have had what they believed were Sasquatch related experiences in this area. What piqued my interest was more on the side of the Sasquatch sightings in the area, as that part of Pennsylvania is seen as an active area, in terms of sightings. For the rest of the claims, I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical.

Subsequently I learned that this property had a very storied history, to say the least. It is believed that thousands of years ago a meteor crashed on what is now part of the property. Excavations by the University of Pennsylvania in the area also established Native American burial grounds, finding 160 skeletons and a specialized style of pottery. The family we were staying with had been living on the property for decades with a variety of strange encounters taking place. People seeing UFO’s, strange orbs and black helicopters in the skies, other family members seeing “shadow people” in their own homes or reporting “missing time” as well as encounters with Sasquatch type creatures near the woods of the more secluded areas of the property.

Last year Charles Creteau and I conducted a fascinating interview with three generations that claimed to have Sasquatch encounters on the property, which can be viewed here. The town hall we hosted last year turned up a lot of interesting leads regarding what people had experienced in the area, with nearly all of the dozen or so attendees at least having experienced some sort of UFO activity. While we didn’t have too much happen while in the area in 2018, it was certainly a great primer into the area and gave us some ideas for the following year.

For the 2019 expedition we again planned to host a town hall event at a restaurant in nearby Rockton, PA, called Over the Mountain. This location was perfect as it was decorated with various Bigfoot statues and artwork, given that there had been various sightings in the immediate area. We planned on doing a presentation about why we were there and some of our theories about the “Pennsylvania Triangle," such as Paul’s theory about “flap areas” around the world, multidimensionality and other topics. I chose to present briefly on the recent news that Pennsylvania was ranked #3 in the United States for Bigfoot sightings and perhaps why that might be the case. However prior to the town hall none of us would have expected that part of our presentation would include a segment on what we would witness two nights prior…

The following is the sequence of events that led up to our UFO sighing and my recollection of what transpired. On the night of Thursday May 23rd, 2019, we spent the evening split up solo on different parts of the property. I stationed myself in a pickup truck down by a wooded ravine near the home of the folks I had interviewed last year about Sasquatch activity. Thunderstorms and rain began to settle down producing a beautifully clear and starry sky. After a few hours of just hanging around in our separate spots, a few of the other guys made the decision to head back up to the main house to sit in the field and stargaze, with the sky being so clear. Shortly after, I drove up there and joined them.

Shane, Charles, Paul, one of the homeowners and I sat by a fire pit just observing the sky for some time. There were still some lightning storms going on in the distance, but aside from that we observed various airplanes flying overhead, as well as several shooting stars. It was exceptionally clear, with no clouds visible in the night sky.

About 15-20 minutes after midnight, I noticed what appeared to be a cloud, illuminated by what I believed was either a star or the moon behind it. Looking back that didn’t really make sense, but that’s the way my mind rationalized what I was seeing. We all then began to observe this “cloud” as it began drifting through the sky, left to right, very slowly. The motion reminded me of a leaf swaying in the breeze in slow motion. It became clear to us then that whatever this thing was, it moved in ways unlike a cloud.

At this point, a few minutes after initially seeing it, we are all walking around in the clearing and trying to get a better look at this object. As we were doing this, a smaller, brighter light seemingly flew off of the “cloud” and then flew back into it a few seconds later. The excitement was tangible and we are all basically shouting in awe at this point as we continued watching this thing fly away slowly. Paul returned to the house to get his night vision goggles, while Shane and I both attempted to record the object with our cell phones, which we didn’t have much luck doing. It was this way that Shane inadvertently captured audio of us seeing this object and commenting on it in real time, helping preserve the record of the encounter better.

Paul returned with his Bestguarder night vision goggles and was attempting to capture the object on video, but was having trouble spotting it with the limited field of view and focus on the goggles. I helped him out by pointing in the sky with a powerful laser pointer and circling the object with the green beam. He was able to locate it with the goggles and we all continued to watch this object as it flew over the trees in the distance and was lost behind the horizon. All flabbergasted and blown away with what we had just seen, we began heading back to the fire pit area and proceeded to continue observing the sky and going over what we had just witnessed.

The best description I can give for the larger object is an illuminated fog or haze that appeared quite large and not too far from us in the sky. The behavior of this object was unlike anything we had observed that entire evening. Airplanes, shooting stars, lightning bugs and lightning storms. Even after the sighting we watched numerous airplanes in the night sky, none of them flanked by a cloud, haze, or fog. They were clearly airplanes and it was easy to identify them as such based on how they behaved and their characteristics, such as flashing lights.

Before we headed to bed we reviewed the footage we had captured on the night vision goggles. At first there didn’t appear to be much as we reviewed the various clips on my laptop. There was plenty of shaky footage of trees and the ground, but not much else. Right before calling it a night, one of the last clips we reviewed turned out to contain the 3 or so minutes that Paul managed to capture the craft. We were ecstatic to see the footage and how great it turned out. In the video you could clearly see the fuzzy almost peanut shaped object slowly moving through the sky, with a smaller, round object flying beside it the entire time. Towards the end of the video the larger object itself completely changed its shape, shifting more into a ball shape. See for yourself in the full video below.

The following day I began to attempt some basic video enhancements to the video, to see if we could get a better look at the object. I seemed to have the most luck when inverting it into the negative, as it “popped” that way and became more visually striking. The still image below shows the objects in question in the video.

We have called upon our talented friend and colleague, well-respected astronomer Marc Dantonio to examine the video. Marc is the chief video and photo analyst for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and has spent years analyzing supposed UFO video and photo evidence submitted to the group from around the world. There have been very few UFO submissions that Marc hasn’t been able to explain as misidentifications, common aerial objects in unusual conditions, camera artifacts or outright hoaxes. Hopefully Marc will be able to comment further on what it might or might not be.

I’m not going to claim or speculate to know what the object was, but my colleagues and I agree that it was far from ordinary. It doesn’t exactly lend itself to being easily explained, so until then it truly fits the description of an Unidentified Flying Object.


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